Friday, January 9, 2009

A New Look and New Widgets!

Well, I think I've about got this ol' blog set up the way it needs to be set up, and I have to tell ya I'm as happy as I can be about it. This durn ol' thing has kept me hoppin' like a Saturday night in Dodge City! Now I can start spending more time doing what I wanted to do with this blog and start putting out some articles about antiques,collectibles and online sales. I'm going to (try) and set up a regular schedule for these articles, posting them at night, as follows:

Tuesday - Antiques and Collectibles
These articles will deal with collecting, identifying, storing, cleaning, and other aspects of the wonderful world of antiques and collectibles.

Wednesday - Web Site Reviews
These articles will be reviews of those web sites that I visit that deal with antiques and collectibles, and online sales.

Thursday - Online Sales
These articles will cover various aspects of buying and selling online, as well as buying and selling your antiques and collectibles off line (such as at flea markets, antiques and collectibles shows and malls, etc.).

Mondays & Fridays - Soapbox Days
On Mondays and Fridays, I will generally leave open to put up posts relating to my own online sales in my Bonanzle Booths, and on eBay, as well as other thoughts that cross my mind (don't worry, not all of them, just the ones that relate to the subjects of this blog!).

Saturdays & Sundays I probably won't be posting anything on these days, unless there's something so important that it can't wait for Monday or Friday. This way I can have at least some free time to spend with my beautiful wife. You just can't ignore your family or your sweetheart. They're the most valuable gift that the Lord can give you on this ol' planet!

So then, that's the plan, and hopefully I'll be able to stick with it. I figure if I'm gonna do this thing, then I need to have a planned schedule that folks can sort of depend on. Until next time, hang in there, things are never as bad as they seem as first glance. Don't forget to leave your comments and ratings, and why not sign on to follow this ol' cowboys musings! Thanks!
Whiskey Jack

p.s.: By the way, in case you were wonderin' that's me up there on the upper right, the "Real Whiskey Jack" standin' in front of an old hoss trailer out at the Steppin' Stone Ranch. The ranch is gone now, it was my brother's place, but I have to say that I have some good memories of it!


attheboutique said...

Looking good, Whiskey Jack! And you did a great job with all the widgets. Looking forward to reading your posts in the coming days.


Whiskey Jack said...

Thanks Phaedra! I hope you don't mind, but since I like your booth so much, I added your booth widget to the blog. Take care!