Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Glass Museum On Line

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For today’s Web Site Review Article, I have chosen a site that I have visited many times, and always found the information both useful, and timely. The site is from New Zealand, and is called the Glass Museum On Line. It was created, designed and is maintained by Angela M. Bowey.

As I said, the Glass Museum On Line is packed with relevant information important to glass collectors, and glass sellers alike. Browsing around this great site, one of the first things I was drawn to was the long list of informative articles listed on the sites main page, many written by Ms. Bowey herself. Her extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of glass is clearly shown in her well written articles. Exploring the articles listed on her site has been an enjoyable and informative experience for me many times.

Also included on the sites main page is a brief listing of collectible glass found on eBay, as well a revolving carousel of glass reference books, which you can click on to read more about each book. Handy for those searching for some good glass reference books.

The Glass Encyclopedia which is included on this site, and without a doubt the main attraction for me, is just exactly as it is advertised, it is the “Ultimate Reference Source on Glass.” With (at last count) 172 different glass articles in the encyclopedia (which is updated and added to on a semi regular basis), you can find articles on Advertising Glass, Akro Agate, Art Nouveau, Blenko, Depression Glass, EAPG, and a host of others. All great for researching glass.

Another great and invaluable feature of this site is the Glass Club Message Board. Like many other forums, this message board features a variety of sub forums full of interesting topics covering many different types of glass and glass related subjects. The message board also has an archive section, a “garage sale” and marketplace section, as well as a section on glass related events and announcements.

A Glass Links section and the offer of a free subscription to the Glass Museum Newsletter are also offered.

All in all this is a well rounded site, that is easily navigated, with easy to read informative articles that are sure to please any “glassie” out there. Believe me, once you’ve visited the site, you will be back, and often.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article on the Glass Museum On Line, and found it helpful. If so, check out some of the other articles on this blog, and please consider leaving your comments, subscribing to this blog, and signing yourself up as a follower. It’s easy, and best of all it’s free. Thanks for stopping by, and until next time,


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