Monday, April 27, 2009

Howdy, Remember Me?

WOW! Has it really been a month since I've posted a new blog entry? I'm gonna have to watch that! But I have been busy. As many of you know, I retired from my regular job after 23 years in the profession, in order to try my hand at selling online full time. It has had its ups and downs, good weeks and not so good weeks, but I haven't thrown in the towel yet, and have no plans to. In addition to my eBay store and auctions, I have two booths on There's Whiskey Jack's Trading Post, and Whiskey Jack's Book Nook.

I've been out and about hunting down treasures to put in my store, auctions, and booths, and although I love sales and auctions, it is time consuming. Among the treasures I found this past week were:

A beautiful art nouveau double candle holder featuring two birds of paradise and two tulips. I really like the way the drip glaze blends. I spoke with one fella who said that he thought it dated to around1915 - 1920. He didn't know for sure because the glaze was so thick on the bottom, that it obscured the makers mark and the pattern number.
Also found was this nice heavy glass amberina table ashtray. I don't know that date or maker, and I haven't been able to find a similar one in any of my reference materials (any thoughts from any of my readers though would be very much appreciated!).

This Russel Wright 2 quart covered casserole was a nice thrift store find. I did manage to find
this piece listed in my copy of Kovel's 2009 guide. They list it as valued at $70 - $200. Not a bad find!

These lamp shades feature caramel slag glass panels and the metal looks like brass with a very nice patina. You can still see some of the brass color (but not much) under the patina. I love the art deco pattern. It reminds me of a Frank Lloyd Wright design.

I did find many other little treasures, but I haven't had time to photograph them yet, and I'll try to get soem pictures of them up as soon as I can. Some of these pieces include some primitive pottery pieces, a 1950's ear cowboy plate and bowl, pottery barn candlesticks, an old Corning Blue Cornflower covered casserole with its metal stand, and a lot more. I think I filled the van twice over!

Before I go for today, I'd like to thank my readers, and my loyal followers: Lynn-Marie Hodges, Poppy0927, jammatun, Dede, JudyBug, treasurechest39, Action Healthy Life, Coach Gary, What Baby Boomers Pursue, Phaedra, Mitzi, and Auction Wally who has, and still is, inspiring me to continue through his great podcasts. Thanks guys for your loyal support by following my blog, adding your comments and suggestions, and not giving up on me. Sounds like an Oscar speech, doesn't it? I'm not trying to be maudlin, but I just can't tell you all how much I appreciate you. Until next time (hopefully soon!),
Adios my Friends,
May your trail be smooth and the wind at your back.
Whiskey Jack

Today's Word of Wisdom: "The man who wears his chin on his instep never sees the horizon."