Monday, July 6, 2009

A Sad Day Indeed

If you haven't already heard, Gary Hendrickson - The Auction Rebel, passed away on June 23rd. Mr. Hendrickson was such an inspiration not only to myself, but to many many people, and he will be very deeply missed. His unending generosity in sharing his vast knowledge with the online sales community was a great benefit to all of us, and the world was made a better place because of him. I know that I learned so much from him by listening to interviews with him, listening to his podcasts, and visiting his web site. Things that I might never have learned. His wisdom and his sense of humor were priceless. My thoughts, prayers and deep sympathies go out to his family and friends, and I would encourage everyone to keep them in their thoughts and prayers as well.

Good bye Gary. There will never be another like you, and we all miss you very much.