Wednesday, December 10, 2008 - Website Review

Howdy Folks,
As I've mentioned, I'd like to begin using a standard format of blog articles that I hope are both enjoyable and informative. Today, I'd like to begin a series of weekly website review articles that take a look at websites related to antiques and collectibles. And, I think I've picked a good site to start with., (click on the link here to visit the site) the collector's portal to the internet. According to the site's "About" link, this site provides "Collector's worldwide with news, links and forums about their favourite collectibles," and believe me folks, this website not only meets this goal, but exceeds it!

The site has a very nice layout, and reminds me of an online Antiques & Collectibles Journal or Magazine. The main page (or home page) for CollectOs is very much like a table of contents page, with various articles briefly summerized, in order to give the reader a chance to make an informed decision as to which article to read first.

The site map was very helpful and takes the site visitor to a list of links to not only the featured articles, but also a list of links that are broken down by category. The categories include Antiques, Arts, Books and Paper, Coins and Stamps, Jewelry and Watches, Music, Toys, Vintage Advertising and more. Once you start getting into the links, they niche down to even more specific subjects. This is a great site to find tons of information regarding just about any type of antiques or collectibles that you may be interested in.

One of the best features of this site is a collector's forum, where members (and it's free and easy to register) can share information, ask questions, or just talk about their favorite collectible. There is also a forum for fairs and markets, a buy and sell forum, and even a "Help Us Improve CollectOs" forum.

All in all I found that this is a great site that you can, and probably will use quite often in not only your research, but also as a great networking venue. I hope you'll check out, and I hope you find it as great a site as I did.

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading my little articles. If you've found it in any way helpful, please fell free to leave a comment. Also, please fell free to visit my Bonanzle Booth or my eBay store or auctions and take a look around. There are links on the left side of this page. Thanks again for dropping by, and I look forward to seeing y'all around here more often. Until next time,
Whiskey Jack

Today's Word of Wisdom: "Always remember, never drink downstream of the herd!"


articles said...

Dear Whiskey Jack -

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Thank you.

Jack  Straw

Whiskey Jack said...

Thanks Jack, I'll take visit to your sites and put up a review of them. Take care, and thanks for the comment.
Best Always,
Whiskey Jack