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Collector’s Quest Web Site Review

Collector’s Quest – Where Hunter’s Gather!

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Today’s article is a review of the Collector’s Quest web site, a site where they claim that hunter’s gather! The Collector’s Quest site is not necessarily a site for specific antiques or specific collectibles, but rather a site for collectors and collectibles, as defined in the broadest sense of the term that a collectible is simply nothing more than something that people collect. Using this definition, virtually anything can be a collectible, from bottle caps to pez dispensers, as there are folks who collect these things as well as a plethora of other things.

On this site you can find articles and blogs, videos and notes on just about everything that people collect, whether Pez dispensers or Cookie Jars, Action Figures or Dinosaur toys, matchbox cars, guitars, Tea Pots, Elvis Presley, Snow Globes, Corkscrews, or, well, you get the idea.

When I visited the site, and began perusing the various pages within it, I found that it is an enjoyable site to visit. The videos section contains different videos relating to collectibles and collecting. When I visited, I found there were three groups of videos available for viewing. There were videos of their coverage of the New York Comic Con, the NE Pez Convention, and the Scarsdale Concours (covering collector cars). All in all I found the videos to be fairly informative, and very entertaining.

The Community section of the web site is really nothing more than a place for web site members to upload photos of their personal collections, with a space to leave your comments about the collections. Almost like a photo blog. Interesting and a nice addition for this community. I felt is really added to the web sites appeal by allowing its members to share their collections, which is something every collector loves to do – show off his or her collection. Watch out if you come to visit me, I’ll be dragging out my autograph collection and my John Wayne collection. Collectors I have found, are just as bad as those neighbors who continually bring out their vacation slides!

The Marketplace section, which the site claims is a new section, was not very impressive. Although the purpose behind it is good – that being one of giving members their own place to sell collectibles – I found this section to be somewhat limited, and most of the items offered were from one person. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I can’t really see myself paying $3300.00 for a piece of “art” that consisted of a giant credit card made from the arms and legs of Barbie dolls. Perhaps this section will grow as more and more of the sites members begin to take advantage of it. I also found that in order to purchase any of the items, you must first be a member of the website. I would think that the sites members would find this a bit to restricting. I have to wonder why the site owners have not opened up this particular section to non-members as well, and thus providing their members with a larger group of potential buyers.

Perhaps the most interesting section I found on the web site was the Blogs section. In it I found a collection of very nice, well written, enjoyable and informative articles covering a variety of different collectibles and even some antiques. The blog section is categorized in six different groups – Reviews, Decorating, Interviews, Flea Market Finds, Collecting FYI, and Events. I personally found the interviews, the flea market finds and the collecting FYI articles the most interesting.

Another nice, and very helpful feature of this web site is the Calendar section. The calendar features a calendar format listing of various antique and collectible related events occurring around the country. The calendar also gives you the option of looking only at specific categories such as auctions, conventions, shows & fairs, trade meets, and more. Or, you can also see only the latest additions to the calendar, or search the calendar. You can even promote events by submitting them to the site for inclusion in the calendar.

And then there is the obligatory Links section. The links page features categories that are shown by title and icon. Each with an rss feed button so you can subscribe to the various sites and blogs within each category. Clicking on the icon will take the viewer to a page of links that are related specifically to that category. Very nice, very helpful, and much nicer than a lot of sites where one is forced to go wading through a long list of links that are not in any categorical order and often do not work. I found the rss feeds for each link category to be helpful as well, allowing you to subscribe only to the category you are interested in, rather than all of them.

All in all, the Collector’s Quest web site is an enjoyable and informative site. True, there are a few things that the site owners could improve on, but these are overshadowed by the benefits of visiting this site. Check it out, and sign up for their free eNewsletter. I think you’ll find it worth your while.

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Whiskey Jack

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