Sunday, May 15, 2011

Whiskey Jack’s News Round-Up for May 15, 2011

Each day I scour the web in search of relevant news articles relating to antiques, collectibles and online selling, and each week I hope to present them to you here on the Whiskey Jack’s Trading Post blog. If a particular article looks interesting, just click on the headline to view the entire article. I hope you enjoy these articles and find them informative as well! Thanks for stopping by!

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Collectibles can be affordable

It certainly depends on our wallets, but for most of us, it’s fun to look for old items that are inexpensive and just might increase in value. If we stick to the definition of “antique” as an item that’s 100 years old or older, the task of finding that bargain with profit potential gets much harder. (To read the full article, just click on the headline)

2 SoCal men charged in scheme to sell counterfeit Disney pins, pass them off as collectibles

SANTA ANA, Calif. — Two Southern California men have been charged with illegally importing about $2 million worth of counterfeit Disney pins from China and selling them over the Internet. (To read the full article, just click on the headline)

In coin dealings, ex-cons make a killing

In three decades of investing in gold and silver, Dean Dellinger amassed nearly 27 pounds of coins. His collection might have been worth more than $645,000 at current prices -- if he still had it. Instead, the 88-year-old Florida resident says his devotion to hard currencies made him an easy mark for a pitchman who cold-called and persuaded him to trade for a class of historic coins called "numismatics." (To read the full article, just click on the headline)

Passion for antique dolls

FOR Coleen Anderson, reproducing antique dolls is more than a hobby – it’s a passion. “I’ve got hundreds of beautiful dolls in my collection,” the Tintenbar woman said. “I started making dolls nearly 30 years ago and I do a lot of antique reproductions. (To read the full article, just click on the headline)

eBay Sellers Lose Appeal in Antitrust Lawsuit

eBay sellers whose class action antitrust lawsuit against eBay was dismissed last year have lost their appeal. Court documents on show the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals were satisfied that the district court "did not err in ruling on eBay's motion for summary judgment without delay for further discovery." (To read the full article, just click on the headline)

Collectibles: How Not to Lose Your Shirt

During times of economic dislocation – when people lose faith in conventional instruments like stocks and bonds – investment dollars are often allocated to various unconventional vehicles, including rare collectibles. A mysterious and fervent devotion attaches itself to items like watches, coins, stamps, art, jewels, antiques, wine, books, paintings, sports memorabilia, automobiles, and other exotica. This can happen in good times, too. (To read the full article, just click on the headline)

Antique inkwells

The Tehachapi Museum has inaugurated its new “Community Case” with a special collection of antique inkwells and other ink and writing related objects. The program is designed to feature vintage collectibles from Tehachapi area residents. (To read the full article, just click on the headline)

Spending: Is your antique a gem or junk?

Everyone dreams of finding a priceless antique in their attic. But how do you determine whether your treasure is a valuable heirloom or something better suited for donation to Goodwill? Look for unusual markings or details on the object, then search for more information online. (To read the full article, just click on the headline)

A 30-Year Evolution of the Coin Market, and a Look Forward

In March of this year I will turn 42 years old and it occurs to me that 2011 marks my 21st year as a full-time coin dealer. So, exactly half of my life has been devoted to professional numismatics, though I have been attending and setting up at shows since I was 5 years old. It’s truly amazing how much the coin industry has changed over this time. Like many other markets, change was slow for the many decades prior to the 1980’s, and for many collectibles not always positive. (To read the full article, just click on the headline)

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