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Whiskey Jack’s News Round-Up for April 24, 2011

Each day I scour the web in search of relevant news articles relating to antiques, collectibles and online selling, and each week I hope to present them to you here on the Whiskey Jack’s Trading Post blog. If a particular article looks interesting, just click on the headline to view the entire article. I hope you enjoy these articles and find them informative as well! Thanks for stopping by!

Internet Sales Tax to be Introduced in US Senate

Online companies already pay state taxes in the states in which they reside, but many politicians -- including those in New York, Illinois and Connecticut -- recently pushed to collect taxes from customers on purchases made outside the state if the sites have vendors that physically reside within their states.

Durbin's proposal intends to push internet vendors to collect state taxes on items purchased out of state….. (Click on the headline to read the full article)

Big Values for Antiques featuring Bugs

Insects spark great drama in the world of art and antiques. Since ancient times, bugs have had their rightful place in art and decorative objects. For instance, in ancient Egypt, bugs were revered in Egyptian culture and religion. The Egyptians believed that a divine….. (Click on the headline to read the full article)

Turn Your Collectible DVDs into Cash

If you've been buying DVDs for a while, there's a good chance that a few of those old, dusty boxes on your shelf might be worth a little something. We've heard of specialty out-of-print titles selling for as much as $500 on eBay….. (Click on the headline to read the full article)

Collectors Corner: Mining the eBay Exchange

eBay is the largest auction marketplace in the world - right? Actually, one could make a greater argument that the stock market is. However, there is a burgeoning "commodities" market on eBay. Gold and silver are bought not only for their numismatic value but also their intrinsic bullion value. Where a commodities exchange and eBay differ is that, on eBay, you always take physical delivery of the commodity.

But do not be under the false impression that the market for gold and silver is large, is in fact very small compared to the stock market. But there isn't a lack of buyers and sellers on eBay….. (Click on the headline to read the full article)

Antique shops shelved in downturn

Antique dealers have been forced to sell items from their personal collection to stay afloat, while Tirau once the nation's antique capital has just one antique shop left.

Business owners say the combination of online auction sites, selective buyers and selling a discretionary product during the recession had impacted sales…… (Click on the headline to read the full article)

Instill a love of antiques in your children

When our kids were little, we were always dragging them with us to antique shows, stores and flea markets…… (Click on the headline to read the full article)

Antiques: Ayer's collectibles full of deceptive advertising

Deceptive advertising has been a problem for centuries. The "cures" of Victorian times were promoted with posters, trade cards, almanacs, recipe books, calendars and other testimonials.

One of the prominent makers of cures, remedies and hair and skin products was James C. Ayer & Co…. (Click on the headline to read the full article)

Promoting your business with inexpensive collectibles

Although the economy is making some recovery, we would like to find some cost-saving ways to promote our business. Can I benefit from giving away inexpensive promotional items to customers, and where can I find them….. (Click on the headline to read the full article)

Economic problems cut into antique store sales

The smell of old leather, dust, mildew and furniture polish assails the nose as you enter a shop full of odds and ends of all sizes and shapes…. (Click on the headline to read the full article)

Authentic objects relating to a royal wedding hold their value long term

Which royal collectibles should you buy? I always advise people to collect objects that chronicle a historic event or relate to historic figures. It has been proven that in the market for art and antiques these historic and genuine objects will hold their value long term….. (Click on the headline to read the full article)

Analogue artists defying the digital age

Dusty vinyl records, vintage film cameras, rickety typewriters and antiquated recording equipment … these are the creative tools being used by some emerging artists. Pure nostalgia? Or a laudable refusal to escape the speed and sanitised perfection of contemporary digital culture? (Click on the headline to read the full article)

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